View of proposals from Heathfield Recreation ground
  • Secondary school places – Turing House School is helping to provide much needed, high quality, secondary school places for which there is a very strong demand.
  • Sympathetic placing of buildings within the site – see proposed site layout page.
  • High quality design standards – A new purpose built school to accommodate 1050 students aged 11-18 and to match the demands of the 21st century curriculum. Designed to modern sustainable standards in line with the London Plan.
  • Safe access arrangements – The proposed access arrangements will be shared with Sempervirens Nursery and will maintain its current location. Both the school and the nursery will have separate gates, so they can control access and operate independently. Pedestrian and cycle access to the school will be segregated. More detail and a layout will be presented at the exhibition.
  • Community use of facilities – New sports facilities (including a sports hall, 3 court MUGA, dance studio and outdoor pitches) and hall hire.
  • Retention of majority of site’s open space – retaining existing habitat corridor and open vistas from Heathfield Recreation Ground.
  • Support for local economy – new schools add to the vibrancy of communities, with new customers for local shops, and opportunities for local suppliers.
  • Job creation – once Turing House School reaches it’s capacity it will have built a team of over 100 teaching and non-teaching staff. Jobs will also be created during construction of the school.

Robust Travel Plan

A full transport assessment is being carried out before the end of this term.  This report will test traffic impact on the surrounding road network, which is predicted to be low as only 4.8% of students travelling by car. This level of traffic impact is expected to be accommodated within the daily traffic variation on the network. 

With regard to public transport, we are consulting the proposal with Transport for London to ensure that sufficient bus services and capacity is in place to serve the school.

Our transport consultants have proposed that the following measures will be implemented to manage travel demand associated with the school:

  1. Staff arrivals and departures will occur at different times to the students.
  2. Promotion of breakfast club and afterschool clubs that will stagger the arrival and departure of students. 
  3. A new pedestrian crossing on Hospital Bridge Road to ensure safe and convenient crossing for all future users.
  4. A new uncontrolled crossing across the site access road. 
  5. An extension to 20mph speed limit on Hospital Bridge Road (subject to discussions and agreement with the Local Planning Authority).
  1. A new access to the site that considers all users: car parking, pedestrians, cyclists and the existing nursery business.
  2. Implementation of double yellow lines in the vicinity of the site (subject to discussions and agreement with the Local Planning Authority). 
  3. A School Travel Plan targeting reduction in use of the car, that is accredited through the TfL STARS programme.
  4. A car park management plan including measures to manage parking and drop-off and the behaviour of staff and students.
  5. A delivery and servicing plan to ensure on-site deliveries and servicing activities are managed.